Jenifer feat Slimane : The simple things, the clip is hilarious unveiled (VIDEO)

Jenifer and Slimane have unveiled the video for their collaboration entitled “The simple things”. A hilarious video to discover them on melty.

A few days ago, Jenifer announced that the title “The simple things” was chosen as the new single official of his latest album New Page. An excellent choice for fans of the coach of The Voice 8, since her duet with Slimane works rather well. In the studio, the singer has offered this piece to his eldest, who had agreed to interpret with him : “When he sent me his song, I did not know that it was him. This is not because it has the label Slimane that I was going to the select (…) And it turns out that this song was good and very well written. I tried it in studio and it worked !” said Jenifer to Aficia a few months ago. Since then, the clip is just seeing the light of day in this march 15, 2019, and it is to discover just below.

In this video, the two artists have privatized the famous Printemps department store for fun in the alleys at night. Locked up in the middle of dresses and accessories, they enjoy to make some fittings while approaching little by little in a friendly atmosphere. A clip effective and hilarious, which shows the beautiful complicity that was established between Slimane and Jenifer. This new sound should allow the lovely corsica 36-year-old to climb up in the charts, enough to fill the rooms with his tour, which began since the month of march, 2019. In the rest of the music news, you can find the complete list of the iHeart Radio Music Awards in 2019.