Jennifer aniston has admitted that her mother was disappointed in her

Дженнифер Энистон призналась, что мать в ней разочаровалась

In anticipation of the premiere of the film “Pyshka” Hollywood actress gave a Frank interview about her relationship with her mom.

28 December 2018 on the screens out Comedy with 49-year-old Jennifer aniston in the lead role. In the film “Pyshka” actress plays a former beauty Queen whose chubby daughter decides to go against the stereotypes of women’s appearance. In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph Jennifer compares the script of the new tape with my own life and my relationship with my mother, who from childhood was not easy.

So, according to her, Nancy Dow, being a famous model, often compared their appearance with the appearance of the daughter, giving an unflattering assessment of her face and figure.

“I was not born a child-a model that clearly went counter to the plans mom to my fate. She hoped that her daughter would be as pretty, and I clearly did not correspond to its notions of feminine charm”.

During the interview the actress also spoke about the feelings that she experienced, by admitting the failure of the mother.

“As the heroine of the film “Pyshka”, I was just a kid who wanted to be loved. But mom was too wrapped up in the problems that were far-fetched. Comments about my appearance were similar to a schizophrenia”.

Jennifer’s parents divorced when the future actress was just nine years old. Her brother moved with his father to Los Angeles, and the girl remained with her mother in new York. A true friend for aniston was her grandmother Stella, which was invested in her love and warmth. The main quarrel between the mother and daughter arose from the published Nancy’s book “Mother, daughter, girlfriend: a memoir” (1999), in which the woman opened the unpleasant side of life Jennifer. The actress thought it was a betrayal and stopped communicating with his mother until her death in 2016, writes