Jennifer aniston spoke about his personal life

Дженнифер Энистон рассказала о личной жизни

Next year Jennifer aniston (Jennifer aniston) will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Hollywood actress divorced with Justin Theroux after two years of Union: the divorce was actively discussed in the press.

Many assumed that now the actress will try to start with a clean sheet with brad pitt, who is also divorced with Angelina Jolie.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Jen openly spoke about his personal life and admitted that he does not consider their marriage a mistake.

“I have no feeling of emptiness. I am convinced that my marriage was very successful. When they got to the end, the choice was made. We decided to be happy by themselves. Continue to be with each other only out of fear of loneliness is the wrong way to go. So, no, I don’t consider my marriage a failure,” said star.

Aniston is often criticised that she never became a mother. But the actress says that you should never promise: “There are people who are born to families and children. Not sure it’s about me. Who knows what awaits us in the future, if we talk about children and new novels. Science and wonder now allow us to do later, something that usually happens early,” says