Jennifer aniston thought about changing religion

Дженнифер Энистон задумалась о смене религии

Jennifer aniston plans to change religions, at least write about the American media. The actress several times in the interview casually stated that perhaps Buddhism has a lot to her attractive, but she is worried that at the end of life of the Buddhists is only the void, while everyone is consciously counting on another reward.

“You want to live an interesting life and at the end of life to look back, to note that life is lived not in vain. And then what?” — she asks, in an interview with the Hollywood Weekend. “But there, after death should be the reward. It is a Paradise as a Christian, or a synonym of infinite happiness. And I’d like to be sure that this happiness is real, not void. Serenity is in my opinion not a lack of passion, and equidistant from them. In this regard, I believe that Christianity wins.”

But despite the fact that aniston many years Orthodox Christians, she was confused by many rituals. According to her, Christianity is a habit for her family, which has Greek roots. But now I would like something new that will blow aniston “a new idea, the idea of a new world.” That is why, the actress, according to her, not so long ago retired to meditate in solitude after a breakup with her husband. However he believes Jennifer is clear, and now — according to her, God is one and he professes love for all earthly beings, but tries not to interfere in their lives, allowing people to control their own destiny to a greater extent.

Providence, according to Jennifer, is included only in the case when asked to do so. But this should not be abused, reports