Jennifer Aniston’s new friend Brad Pitt to be closer to his mother ? The amazing rumor

Jennifer Aniston she resumed contact with Brad Pitt to reunite with his mother ? We made the point on this amazing rumor.

Since Brad Pitt was spotted at the birthday party of Jennifer Aniston, the rumors are going good on the Canvas. The last in date ? The actress, star of Friends would be more determined than ever to what the comedian is the father of her children. Revelations completely drawn by the hair which were quickly denied. But these are not the only gossip that run on the web. According to a new info released by the magazine Star, Jennifer Aniston would be thrilled to have reconnected with Brad Pitt. The reason for this ? This reconciliation would allow him to spend time with the mother of the actor that she loves.

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To believe the words of a source to the media, Jennifer Aniston and Jane Pitt are said to be angels to be able to communicate again. “Rabibocher with Brad was the best thing that could happen to Jen because it allows him to regain his friendship with Jane. It has been difficult for them to keep their distance during the wedding of Brad and Angelina, especially as Jane has always thought of Jen as his daughter,” she said. Statements completely invented according to the explanations of Gossip Cop. The tabloid claims that Jennifer Aniston has not resumed contact with any member of the family of Brad Pitt. That is clear. In the rest of the news, Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods may well be reconciled more quickly than we think.