Jessica Thivenin (LMEA) and Thibault Garcia is a tattoo together (VIDEO)

Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia have decided to get a tattoo and it tells you more below.

Jessica Thivenin sparked rumours of pregnancy after having posted a new photo on Instagram and the web has reacted to it ! And speaking of Jessica Thivenin, know that with Thibault Garcia, they are in France for work reasons, and if they were not present at the anniversary of Carla Moreau, they were there to celebrate Benjamin Samat ! The two candidates are emblematic of in W9 have also benefited from their stay in the south of France to go to get a tattoo… And no, they haven’t done a tattoo in common, such as some couples can do it !

Jessica Thivenin (LMEA) et Thibault Garcia se font un tatouage ensemble (VID?O)

On his account, Snapchat, Thibault Garcia then explains that Jessica Thivenin going to finish off the tattoo she has on her thigh that she began 5 years old now… And the beautiful brown scales he was present when she made this tattoo, but “she was with another, a named Julien”. For its part, Thibault continued his tattoo in the neck by doing some shading ! And if not, know that two candidates of the Marseillais in Asia have been announced in the casting for the fourth season of Moundir and Apprentices Adventurers and you’re going to be surprised by discovering the identity of this pair !