Jessica Thivenin (LMEA) sexy on the beach, the reaction of the users is amazing (PHOTO)

Internet users have reacted to the latest release Instagram of Jessica Thivenin and it is pretty amazing !

After having spent more than a week in the Maldives, Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin returned to Dubai. Holidays which have been very criticized by users, because they consider that Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin expose a little too much of their wealth on social media… But despite the criticism, the young woman continued to post photos of his trip on Instagram and his latest publication has been very commented by the users. And for once, most of the comments are very positive, as you’ll be able to discover a little further down in this article.

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A publication shared by Jessica Thivenin (@jessica_thivenin) on 12 Jan. 2019 at 1 :54 pm PST

“You are beautiful Jessica ! ?? (…) Woah too many beautiful (…) Hottie (…) Just gorgeous (…) You are as beautiful as the landscape (…) You are too beautiful Jess (…) Wonderful really”, a-t-we could read among the many comments. Messages that have had to give the smile to the young woman, who is very often tacl?e on his physique for some time… And if not in the rest of the news, Fiji Ruiz Princes and Princesses of Love 2 were presented as a couple, and we had the proof in the video ! It is hoped that this time, their love story will last…