Jessica Thivenin (LMvsMonde3) turned on a new photo, Emily Fiorelli separate of the footballer m’baye Niang… The little tv on the weekend

If you missed the news tv last weekend, you will find a recap just below ! We let you discover the faster.

If in France the cold weather begins to set in, the sun is always waiting for you in Dubai, and Jessica Thivenin benefits to the maximum ! The pretty blonde has spent a day on a boat with Thibault Garcia, Quentin Garcia, his best friend and two other friends who live in Dubai… Necessarily, this moment has been immortalized by a photo and on one of the shots, the people find that Jessica Thivenin looks strangely like Laeticia Hallyday ! And it is true that there is a slight air of resemblance… To his side, Julien Tanti has tattooed the name of Tiago on his chest ! This is too cute…

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Nikola Lozina, he decided to redo his teeth, but unfortunately for him, the internet users have not validated this new surgical… The main thing is that he is happy ! And to finish with The Marseille VS. the rest of the World 3, please be aware that we know the real reasons of the departure of Julien Guirado. Let’s talk a little Holiday Angels season 3, since the production of the show has revealed why Raphael Pepin had left the adventure, explaining : “rafael had nothing serious. He felt tired with the pace of the shoot. We will take no risks with the candidates, they are taken directly to the doctor”.

Jessica Thivenin (LMvsMonde3) transformée sur une nouvelle photo, Emilie Fiorelli séparée du footballeur M'Baye Niang... Le récap télé du week-end

This weekend, we also learned that Emily Fiorelli had left m’baye Niang, because she could no longer live in “an unhealthy environment where there is the alccol or polygamy” This time it is final ! The candidates of 10 Couples Perfect 2, them, have pushed a rant against the installation of the program, since they find that a lot of people are non-existent on the screen… in Particular, those who don’t hang around with Illan ! For his part, Guy de love is in the Meadow attacked a contender and the latter has violently replied ! Now for the 5th bonus DALS9 with the elimination of Basile Boli and the return of Pamela Anderson ! On the side of The Voice Kids 5, Patrick Fiori clashed Soprano, Matt Pokora has made his return and Nikos Aliagas has been moved !