Jessica Thivenin ready to leave reality tv after The Marseille Asia ? She announces a new project (PHOTO)

Jessica Thivenin would she have decided to follow Stephanie and stop in Marseille ? The candidate announces the launch of a different project, far from the reality-tv…

Two clans, two atmospheres ! While Carla, Manon, Julien, Paga and Kevin are in Tunisia and blocked at the airport after visiting a cosmetic surgery clinic, Jessica Thivenin continues to share his daily dream and its a holiday in the sun with Thibault Garcia. The young woman left during filming The Marseille Asia and since, people wonder if the candidate could turn the back to reality television to be interested in other things… On this photo Instagram, Jessica Thivenin confided on new projects and the drafting of melty offers you to read more below !

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Good Sunday, what have you got planned? Me I’m working on a new project too hastily???????????? an idea?

A publication shared by Jessica Thivenin (@jessica_thivenin) on 13 Jan. 2019 at 4 :30 PST

Jessica Thivenin reveals in the caption of this photo : “Good Sunday, what have you got planned ? Me I’m working on a new project too looking forward to it ! An idea” ? Internet users have been many suggestions, the rumor about the release of an autobiographical book being very persistent… others expect at a cosmetic brand, as did several contestants of reality tv. Finally, the third possibility that returns would be a mark of a swimsuit, since Jessica Thivenin sharing many photos of her in this outfit… you also reveals what you can expect next week in LPDLA6 with Elsa, Camille, Dylan and Fiji right here !