Jiji is recovering

Дзидзьо проходит реабилитацию

Ukrainian singer Jiji (real name Mikhail Khoma), who became the victim of an attack in the capital on December 28, said that is still in the hospital.

About this singer said in the broadcast “Sedanka z 1+1”. According to the artist, he will hold under medical supervision for approximately 1.5 months. And rehabilitation will take at least another fortnight.

Jiji added that he injured his ear, which he usually keeps an ear monitor during performances.

— This should be very careful about. You need to heal. Because if it heals wrong, it could get infected and can be a problem. So New year and Christmas I spent in the hospital, then to be better… And to change the ear is the same as to learn left hand writing. That is, it’s a habit. But don’t worry, the ear will heal, all will be well,– he stressed.

It is unknown when it will resume concerts of the singer. But Michael assures me that it will be possible to think of it, when his wounds have healed, writes hvylya.net.

— We have all the evidence, videos – all in order to illuminate it and show that in Ukraine this did not happen. 2019, we have two of the Maidan guys are fighting in ATO, and to here this happened – it just can’t be. And we’ll show it specially, that it was not in Ukraine, – said Jiji.