JO pushed back: the right decision was made believe canadian athletes

JO repoussés: la bonne décision a été prise croient les athlètes canadiens

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The announcement of the IOC, Tuesday, to finally give the Games to Tokyo in 2021 has therefore been greeted with positive feelings.

The canadian athletes were able to breathe a sigh of relief Tuesday morning, when they finally learned that the Tokyo olympic Games were handed over to the next year because of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.

The canadian olympic Committee (COC) and canadian paralympic Committee (CPC) had put pressure on the international olympic Committee (IOC) Sunday announced that Canada would not be sending athletes to the Games to Tokyo if they were to be held in 2020. This unilateral decision had been taken by surprise by the canadian athletes, who did, however, recognize in unison that it was the right one.

The announcement of the IOC, Tuesday, to finally give the Games to Tokyo in 2021 has therefore been greeted with positive feelings.

“I’m glad of the decision, said the cyclist Hugo Houle, during a telephone interview with The canadian Press. I think that it was obvious in the circumstances. It was what I was hoping for, that the Games were pushed back. I would have been disappointed if they had been cancelled, but the postponement to next year, it was the best solution in the current context. “

The COVID-19 has infected hundreds of thousands of people and killed thousands throughout the world, forcing the isolation of the population in many countries.

The sports competitions are to be stuck to the four corners of the globe and only 57 per cent of the qualifications for the olympic Games in Tokyo were completed. Many athletes no longer have access to their workout facilities.

“It is a sense of relief, even if it may seem selfish with all that is happening in the world. The sport, this is the last of the worries of people, noted diver Melissa Citrini-Beaulieu of St-Constant, who was preparing to compete in her first Games. It takes a little bit of pressure on the athletes who continued to prepare.”

“We don’t want to go to the Games in a negative spirit, where people are more ready than others. Now, we are all in the same boat, or nearly so. It is well. It promotes the spirit of sport. […] We’re all from the same place in our olympic preparation. “

The opening ceremonies of the Tokyo olympic Games were to take place on the 24th of July, and then those of the paralympic Games on August 25.

The IOC had said on Sunday that he was given four weeks to make a decision.

However, the australian olympic Committee joined the committees canadians in recommending his athletes prepare for the olympic games in 2021. Similar statements have followed from the side of Norway, Portugal and Germany. The federations of the u.s. in swimming, athletics and gymnastics have also called for a postponement.

“The decision by the COC was good, said Houle, who is a native of Sainte-Perpétue and who now lives in Monaco. Other countries have also reacted, and it precipitated the decision by the IOC. “

For their part, the COC and CPC, were obviously delighted with the IOC’s decision.

In a statement, they thanked the IOC president, Thomas Bach, the prime minister of japan, Abe Shinzo, and the organising committee for Tokyo 2020 ” to have made this decision and to fulfil its commitment to protect the health and safety of athletes and the world community “.

The committees canadians were therefore quickly able to bury the hatchet.

“We renew our commitment to work with the IOC, the international paralympic Committee (IPC) and the organising committee for Tokyo 2020, and we offer them our total support and collaboration to face all the complexities created by the postponement of the Games,” he wrote in a press release.

Decisions to make

If the report of the Tokyo Games seemed to render inevitable, and represents the right decision in the eyes of all in terms of health and safety, it will also force the athletes who were to be their last Games to make difficult decisions.

Swimmer Katerine Savard of Pont-Rouge, had decided to make a return to the competition in the aim to participate in the olympic Games in Tokyo this summer.

“We were in the black, now we know that we can still dream of the Tokyo Games, said Savard. For my part, I have a decision to make. One year, it means a lot. “

Savard insisted that a post-career waiting for him. She has a bachelor’s degree in education, gives lectures and has made her debut as an actress last fall during the filming of a movie, which is scheduled to release this year.

“It’s scary emotionally. Is it that I can still do sports for a year ? I had so much in mind that I was training for this summer. It upsets the plans. I’m still in the unknown of it and that scares me. “

Savard was expected to quickly get some answers about the course of the next few days, month, year. She stated that the COC held a conference call with the athletes later on Tuesday and that Swimming Canada should do the same on Wednesday.

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