Jocelyne Blouin, a “weather mum”

“Jocelyne, it’s Jocelyne.” It’s in these words that Bernard Derome was telling me about the most famous meteorologist in Quebec, when I announced his retirement in 2011 in “Le Soleil”. Jocelyne Blouin, who delivered the weather to Radio-Canada for 33 years, succumbed to cancer Monday. She was 68 years old.
All we had to do was mention his name and everyone knew who we were talking about. Day after day, we relied on her predictions, she was part of our lives. Jocelyne could not be wrong.

A trained meteorologist, Jocelyne Blouin had gradually left Environment Canada to make her first appearance at Téléjournal in 1978. Since her disappearance from the airwaves, she had not stayed at home doing nothing. Among other things, it developed Blisly, an application intended for “weather-sensitive”, affected by the vagaries of temperature.

What we know less about her is that she has been for a good number of weather presenters (and some presenters too) a true “weather mum”, a caring mentor. “She showed me everything, she received me at home to teach me. She gave her time for the newsletters to be of good quality, “recalls Véronique Mayrand, the current weather presenter from Gravel in the morning , on ICI Première in Montreal.

And to say that in 2005, someone at Radio-Canada had the crazy idea to replace it with a table at Téléjournal . It did not last a week, and Jocelyne was back, by popular demand. “I was very moved by the reaction of people, I did not think they were so attached to me,” she told me, a few years later.

Attached, we were. And sad today to see her go under other skies surely more lenient.

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