Joël Lightbound mode resolution of problems

Joël Lightbound en mode résolution de problèmes

Even if the parliamentary sessions of the liberal member for Louis-Hébert, Joel Lightbound are suspended, the tasks of the deputy are far from being reduced.

29 march 2020 20: 30

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Joël Lightbound mode resolution of problems

Joël Lightbound en mode résolution de problèmes

Judith Desmeules

The Sun


Joël Lightbound has lived all of his working days “the most intense” in the past weeks, the state of a health crisis and containment come with it are of course responsible. Even if the parliamentary sessions are suspended, the tasks of the deputy are far from being reduced.

What is the liberal member for the riding of Louis-Hébert for the past two weeks remains predominantly the case of Canadian stuck abroad. Joël Lightbound and his team are trying to convey to all passengers the right information about repatriation, but try above all to reassure.

Between telephone calls from the caucus of Quebec to manage the crisis and the amount of e-mail of concerned citizens, there are small victories.

“It’s a lot of adrenaline, but it leads to small victories that are good. They give you the energy to continue. As desperate as we finally managed to repatriate to the country,” says the mp.

This is what happened Sunday. The Quebecers were in the process of adoption when the crisis of the COVID-19 broke out. A young orphan from Haiti was to join his new family, the closing of the borders in wanted otherwise.

After several steps, the member and the entire team of immigration have managed to get the small in a flight from Port-au-Prince to Montreal, his future dad was in route to the airport to retrieve it on Sunday.

“The situation will get worse in Haiti because of the COVID-19, it was necessary to bring him back as quickly as possible.”

“Joel is my hero”

A resident of Sainte-Foy, aged 71 years, Maria Landeloos, was in Morocco when the crisis erupted. She was due to return on 19 march, but his flight has been cancelled.

She contacted Joël Lightbound for help, he has directed the embassy to register in the correct forms. But Ms. Landeloos is especially grateful for the moral support that she has received.

“It has been a great help. I have only good words for him! Every time the emotions rose, I could speak with my mp and he was able to calm me down. We can see the importance of his work, he kept me informed of events and told me how it was going to happen. I was looking at the time in Canada and I met at 5 in the morning,” said the old lady, very happy to be finally back home on the 24th of march.

At the end of the wire

Joël Lightbound is also responsible for informing businesses of the measures put in place to help them. It is sure to make the connections between an entrepreneur who wishes to give masks and a clinic who is in dire need, among others.

“We make sure to see if it has not escaped a certain group, it checks to see if certain situations have not escaped the minister of Finance. It offers solutions to the minister, Jean-Yves Duclos.”

Sunday was also the first day where the president of the quebec caucus liberal took the time to get a little. “Hard to make time for you when both eyes are riveted on the problems facing everyone in all spheres of society, it is hard to have a change of ideas.”

He recommends that everyone take to the air, a little walk outside. It tries itself to apply its own advice.

“When you know that people are made in Peru and India, that we are concerned with, as the dramatic financial situation of some businesses,” said mp.

Even if the member is faced with situations sometimes “heart-wrenching”, he noted that the business assistance is well received, that it allows contractors to blow a little.

“While it is separated by the force of things, it leads to this kind of thinking… We are lucky to have strong, responsive governments, a universal health care system, or leaders who respect the scientific data and who are there for the population, we can estimate very lucky to be in Canada.”

Pending a positive outcome, all the team of the electoral district of Louis-Hébert continues to answer the phone and emails. More details in the next few days will allow the mp to announce more good news than bad.

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