John Wick) 3 : John (Keanu Reeves) could suffer a lot

John Wick 3 : John (Keanu Reeves) pourrait beaucoup souffrir

And frankly speaking, it must be that he loves it.

John Wick fights a lot. It is a statement of fact. Also good against the killers who are on his heels against the thugs, who suffer his vengeance (the Russian mafiosi who killed his dog Daisy in the first film only had what they deserved). This is neither the first nor the last hero of the film to be beat up throughout his adventures, but it seems that this is the kiff particular director Chad Stahelski and lead actor of John Wick, Keanu Reeves -and yet, what’s it run in the hope to escape the trouble ! But why ? Because it is in their eyes a necessary step in the path of the hero… And between the death of his wife, his beagle, Marcus, John has also had a lot of penalties psychological.

John Wick 3 : John (Keanu Reeves) pourrait beaucoup souffrir

If you choose this kind of life, you will not be badly beaten. So we like that John Wick is suffering, and I think that Keanu [Reeves] love to see John Wick suffer him also” said Chad Stahelski to USA Today about the way of life of its hero. And in the light of the world, very dark in which evolves the ex-ex-ex-hitman (no retirement for this man), it is not surprising that its physical integrity is often not respected. John being on the run since he broke the rule of the Continental (not to kill within the hotel), he will need all the help at his disposal to escape the killers launched their heels. Perhaps a character came from his past, The Director, played by Angelica Houston on the screen ? We don’t worry about John, he always comes out…