John Wick 3 : This is what it could look like Keanu Reeves with the claws of Wolverine !

John Wick 3 : Voilà à quoi pourrait ressembler Keanu Reeves avec les griffes de Wolverine !

It is not alone in wanting to find a new job to Keanu Reeves after the end of the trilogy, John Wick…

Keanu Reeves, the hero of John Wick, short already to the right and to the left on the first official photos of the third installment of his adventures of “ex-killer”. Screen Geek asked the actor what a super-hero he would like to embody, if he is offered a role in the future. His no. 1 choice ? Wolverine, interpreted in the universe of the X-Men by Hugh Jackman ! His choice n°2 ? This is none other than the famous Batman, but outside of those two super-heroes, any DC Comics character or Marvel doesn’t interest him ! Information that has been emulated on the Internet, and has even pushed this artist to publish on the social networks, a montage of the actor version of Logan.

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Quick 30 min edit for today. Keanu reeves as #Wolverine I know Keanu Reeves looks nothing like Wolverine goal Keanu Reeves is a gift to the Human race. I am okay with anything that he does wether it suits him or not ???? #keanureeves #wolverine

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And as Keanu Reeves is very convincing as a man tracked down all the units/ heroes badass, you would see well enough to thread the leather jacket Wolverine… The timeline above, that the shows with the hairstyle of the famous mutant, its rouflaquettes and its claws as adamantine, is successful and gives an insight into the credibility to what would give the choice of actor to embody that character. However, it is to our taste too early to bring back Logan, who died in her latest film solo, to life. Yes, Hugh Jackman is still well present in our mind, and anyway, at 54 years of age, the actor Keanu Reeves is too old to be chosen by the studios in order to initiate a reboot. In a future remake of the franchise, which actor would you like to see in the role of Wolverine (for her put her claws on your turn, you will find a small quiz right here) ?