Johnny Depp spoke about the terrible memory in his career

Джонни Депп рассказал о страшном воспоминании в карьере

The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” johnny Depp spoke about working with Tim Burton on a science fiction film “Edward Scissorhands”.

In an interview, Depp admitted that he seriously feared that Tim Burton (Tim Burton) wants to fire him, and in his place to invite Tom Hanks .

One day, when there were no rehearsals in the room johnny knocked. When he opened the door, before him stood two girls. At first he thought that they brought for him to sign some papers. He shook hands with them, but in response they asked whether there lives Tom Hanks. “What? No. Yet,” — said Depp. “I was convinced that my replacement for Hanks. I was sure of it. It was one of the worst moments in my career,” admitted the master of the “dream factory”, the site says THR.

The film Edward Scissorhands” released in 1990, became the first band in the career of johnny Depp, and brought him “Golden globe”. In order to get the role, Depp had to shed 10 pounds. Although the longest sentence he had spoken in the picture is only 16 words, and for all the tape he spoke only 169 words, this role brought him fame.