Johnny Depp violent to Amber Heard ? She comes back with emotion on their relationship

Amber Heard responds to the accusations of Johnny Depp ! And the actress does not mince his words.

Two years after their divorce, the relationship between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is still talking about it ! The actress, who advocates for the rights of women, has accused his ex of domestic violence, pictures and texts in support, that the star of Pirates of the Caribbean has been denied. In fact Johnny Depp is back on the accusations of Amber Heard in a recent interview : “What hurts me the most is to be seen as someone I’m not, you see ? Hurt someone that I love ? To intimidate someone that I love ? No, this is not possible, it is not like me. I preferred me to be quiet. I knew this image was going to stick to the skin and that it would be weird… Spit you have to spit it out, my lawyers will take care of the rest. I’ve never taken the floor to talk about shit like that but I care about my family and my kids think”.

Johnny Depp violent envers Amber Heard ? Elle revient avec émotion sur leur relation

Words that Amber Heard does not accept ! As reported by Variety, the young woman spoke at an event organised by the magazine Wear, during which she read a letter she had published in the journal. A moving text where she celebrates the women who have bravely managed to express during the era #MeToo, and that it shows its support to those who do not dare to testify : “It is not surprising that we are so many to choose to remain quiet, to ensure our security and to maintain our dignity in enduring without making noise. The fear of being ostracized by our community is one of the prospects the more terrifying. But I’m here to tell you that it is not necessary to make this terrible choice. It is not easy to talk to, to make you comply and do this alone, but our world is changing. We support each other, we form a great army of the voice and we will no longer accept the silence”. Amber Heard, who has found Lily-Rose Depp for one night, continues to defend his version of the facts !