Julien Bert (LMAT) found in a case of drug trafficking, he pushes a rant

Julien Bert pushed a rant on the canvas and they give you all the details here.

Hard weekend for Julien Bert, who comes to see his past re-surface on the social networks… 5 years after having been in prison for the “importation and possession of narcotic drugs at the international and criminal association”, the candidate in W9 has recently been presented to the judge and obviously, he could face up to 10 years in prison ! The Tweeters @couchloukoum, who attended the public hearing also revealed that the young man had denied any involvement in this case… And in the face of all these revelations on the canvas, Julien Bert (who has gained weight in The Marseille Asian Tour) has pushed a rant, as you can read below.

Julien Bert (LMAT) jugé dans une affaire de trafic de stupéfiants, il pousse un coup de gueule

“Please, stop bullshitting. You are heavy. You mess my image, my family… Meet my family please and inform yourself before telling stories”, he posted on his account Snapchat. It is hoped then to Julien Bert, this whole thing is going to well end for him… And according to @couchloukoum, the trial is expected to last a month ! And if not in a any other registry, be aware that the next week in Marseille Asian Tour, Maeva will be in panic, and Trystana is going to drop a new bomb to Alix, who may well create new problems !