Julien Bert (LMvsMonde3) on a small cloud, it is sharing a very good news with his followers (PHOTO)

Since his break-up with Carla Moreau, Julien Bert Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3 seems more radiant than ever.

While Carla Moreau seems to have finally turned the (short) page Julien Bert, recovering with her ex Kevin Guedj, and that we even suspect the couple wait their first child, things seem to be going for the better for the candidate blonde. On his account, Snapchat, Julien Bert appear more radiant and happy than ever, and he did not hesitate to share the news with all her followers, while remaining quite mysterious : “I am today the happiest man in France hahaha, I can’t tell you it’s personal, but know that I had a very good new”.

Julien Bert (LMvsMonde3) sur un petit nuage, il partage une tr?s bonne nouvelle avec ses followers (PHOTO)

But what new joyful Julien Bert can speak well on his account Snapchat ? The paris are open, and the side of internet users, the assumptions are going well. From our side, we look instead for a birth in the immediate family of the candidate, but nothing is sure ! For the end of the story, it will probably wait until the young man finally decides to lift the veil on this big mystery. And if not, while waiting to learn more, check out why Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia were accused by internet users of over exposing their wealth on the social networks.