Julien Bert (Marseille, Asia) as a couple ? You have the answer (PHOTO)

We know if Julien Bert is in a couple or not and it tells you everything below.

While Carla Moreau has recently handed in a couple with Kevin Guedj and would be even pregnant from him, Julien Bert, himself, has drawn a line final on the pretty blonde ! It should be said that after having been separated from Carla Moreau for the first time, Julien Bert fell into his arms during the shooting in Marseille in Asia, but it would have left in the course of the adventure… But since this story, Julien Bert, is it in pair or single ? We finally had the answer by going on the account Instagram of the candidate in W9 and we offer you to discover just below.

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A publication shared by Julien Bert (@julienbert42) on 8 Jan. 2019 7 :01 PST

“I love to sell, you have how about you ? ❤️”, he posted on the social network with a very beautiful picture of him. Through this message, therefore, we understand that Julien Bert is still single since his split with Carla Moreau ! And believe us that the young man has received a lot of messages from users… maybe 2019 will be his year and that he will find finally the woman of his life ! In parallel, be aware that Maeva Villa of Broken Hearts 3 has rebuilt his lips and the results are pretty impressive, not like absolutely not to the people who have done it know !