Julien Bert pained by the spread of Marseille VS the rest of the World 3 ? He confides

Julien Bert looks at The Marseille VS. the rest of the World 3 ? It says more about the canvas.

If the adventure of Marseille VS the rest of the World season 3 has not been easy to live for Julien Bert, the dissemination of the programme on W9 is not easy either… Inevitably, the young man is a spectator of his love relationship with Carla Moreau, who is very poorly completed upon their return in France and obviously, he prefers not to watch the show and not be bothered by the images ! It was during a question and answer session with his followers Julien Bert is entrusted on Instagram before admit if he was still single or not since it is separated from Carla Moreau…

Julien Bert peiné par la diffusion des Marseillais VS le reste du Monde 3 ? Il se confie

“The truth of the kitties, I don’t watch. I don’t really want to review some stuff”, he responded when a user asked him what he felt watching the episodes of Marseilles VS the rest of the World season 3. And it may be better than Julien Bert does not turn on his tv in the evening on W9… It reminds you that in episode 50 of Marseille VS the rest of the World season 3, Julien dropped Carla Moreau because she made a kiss eskimo with Kevin Guedj and she has agreed to be licking the mouth for Benji during the game’s problems… Bad memories !