Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault soon parents for the second time ? He post a photo that says it all ! (PHOTO)

Then they became parents of a little Tiago in may of last year, Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault seem to be on the point to enlarge the family. In any case, he comes to sow doubt with this photo…

As we know, Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault are on the point of marry, and the latter has to give details. But it seems that this is not the only big news they have to announce by the end of the year 2018. The couple, more in love than ever, has already surprised the whole world when she had announced her pregnancy last year when nobody expected it. But then they are the parents of a small Tiago since the month of may, the family is likely to increase sooner than expected. Julian has just posted a curious photo on her account Snapchat seems to want to say everything.

Julien Tanti et Manon Marsault bient?t parents pour la deuxi?me fois ? Il poste une photo qui veut tout dire ! (PHOTO)

In fact, as you can see on this photo, Julien Tanti shows us a pregnancy test with a text that really wants to just say : “2nd ???” with a message of Merry Christmas. So is this the frat? is trying to tell us that Tiago will soon become a big brother ? This message still leaves little room for doubt. In any case, we really can’t wait for it we gives more details. A little brother or a little sister for Tiago would no doubt be a wonderful gift. In any case, this news, if true, should reassure Julien Tanti, who was worried at the approach of Christmas.