Julien Tanti (LMEA) lovers of Manon Marsault, he is lynched by the internet users (PHOTO)

Julien Tanti has made a beautiful declaration of love to Manon Marsault and internet users have not failed to respond ! It tells you more in this article.

Carla Moreau Marseille Asia is happy and in love and she decided to do so on his account Instagram ! And this is not the only one to have opened his heart on the social network, since Julien Tanti has also made a beautiful declaration of love to Manon Marsault… A way for him to silence his detractors who say that it leaves the pretty brunette since Tiago is born ! In any case, the release Instagram of the candidate iconic in W9 has done much to respond to the users, since some do not have liked his legend… check out why below.

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Good Sunday to all lovers and singles too bad for you ????????????????????

A publication shared by Julien Tanti (@julientantiplein) on 13 Jan. 2019 at 7 :59 am PST

As you can see, Julien Tanti has l?gend? this photo the following message : “Good Sunday to you all in love and for the singles, so much the worse for you”. A hint of humor that some people don’t have kiff?, like @magalilaunay who commented : “The unmarried so much worse. Bravo, beautiful words. One does not choose always to be alone and it’s better to be single than in getting there and to have been cheated”, while @sasha.lcr, it, published : “uh…Uh… no comment the description”. And if not, internet users have also reacted to the latest release Instagram of Jessica Thivenin who is sexy on the beach.