Julien Tanti (Marseille, Asia) is promoting a new product very amazing, people laugh at him

Julien Tanti has attracted the mockery of the internet users after a product placement on Instagram. It tells you more below.

Some time ago, Maddy Angels 10 has ratted on the salaries of the candidates to make investments in products and you will be surprised to discover the amounts ! And speaking of product placement, Julien Tanti just make it a which is quite surprising, since it comes to advertising for a bedding set with the effigy of Marseille ! A publication Instagram that has made laugh the people who have not hesitated to ridicule the candidate of the issuance made in W9… moreover, you can discover a few of the comments we’ve selected just below.

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#sponsored Ayoooo the fraté ???????? You like to follow our adventures on television each evening ? ???? Find it now on this superb set of bed linen with the image of your series preferred reality… ???? The fabric is ultra-soft, more, perfect for a good night’s sleep ! You want a secret ? It is available on the website www.universelcoton.com/housse-de-couette-licence-les-marseillais-xsl-378_396.html ! ???????????? In addition, with the brand we have a promo code -15% for you valid on every order : julien15 ! With the christmas holidays approaching it’s the perfect gift… ???????????????? Go for it ! @shaunaevents

A publication shared by Julien Tanti (@julientantiplein) on 13 Dec. 2018 at 11 :07 am PST

“Oh dear, what but, no matter what ! (…) Not here, frankly, should not be abused seriously (…) Oh p*tain, it is a point of no-return there (…) Wow it’s going away (…) I believe that my eyes never open as big in my whole life ! My god ! (…) 49€99 for it !? It is abused !!! (…) That’s going too far there ptdr, I’m in shock”, can we read among the many comments. Remains to be seen whether this product will have as much success as the show ! Also, please be aware that a candidate of Marseille Asia has ratted on a possible reconciliation between Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau during filming.