Julien Tanti on the filming of the new season of Marseille, Manon Marsault and Tiago already ready to join

While filming the new season of Marseille has already been started, Manon Marsault is about to join her lover Julien Tanti in a few days.

The filming has started since a few days ago, and two new evidence comes to confirm us that the new season of Marseille will be held in Thailand, in Phuket more specifically. If Jessica Thivenin, Julien Tanti, Kevin Guedj, and the rest of the family have already put their suitcases in the beautiful villa rented for the occasion, there is one who should not delay to join them, it is Manon Marsault. Since the birth of her son Tiago, the candidate of reality tv is the plays more discreet, and does not directly participate in the programs of W9. That is not to say that it is not the trip !

Julien Tanti sur le tournage de la nouvelle saison des Marseillais, Manon Marsault et Tiago déjà prêts à le rejoindre

Indeed, if one believes the story Instagram account Mess TV, as in The Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3, Manon Marsault should soon make its arrival on the shoot with Tiago, history of join Julien Tanti and the rest of the family. It is in a small week that the trip should take place. The young mother and her son will fly to Thailand, and should be accommodated in a house annex to the villa. You will understand, after having seen Manon Marsault pregnant for Marseille in Australia, we should see the first steps of Tiago in the next season ! Hope that Thibault Garcia, who released photos of childhood very intimate a few days ago will also be of the party !