Justin Bieber still worried about Selena Gomez ? Hailey Baldwin talks to him in Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

Particularly affected during his last trip to Los Angeles, the popstar Justin Bieber has had need of the comfort of his wife Hailey Baldwin before being able to fly off to new adventures !

It tells you everything ! If you follow the news of Justin Bieber on melty.fr you are not without knowing that the last few months have been a real roller-coaster for the singer. And this in particular because while he was enjoying his reunion with the one who is now his wife, Hailey Baldwin, his ex, Selena Gomez, had interned of emergency after a severe attack of nerves. Justin Bieber, photographed by paparazzi crying, had to take his distances with the one that he has long loved for its own sake. And last Friday, when he was back in Los Angeles to make a little visit to his manager Scooter Braun, who has just welcomed her third child, a daughter named Hart, Justin Bieber has exploded on the tarmac. At the time of leaving for Canada, where Hailey and Justin have moved -, this last could not contain his emotions.

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My wife is awesome

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It is, in any case, this shows that the images of the Daily Mail. Then in the plane which was bringing it back home, Justin Bieber is out with a bang, ready to rush somewhere. But where at the fair ? We will likely never know, since Hailey Baldwin has had to catch up on the bridge to take her in his arms and try to calm him down. She also had to keep it like that for several moments before he agrees to go back in the plane and they can finally leave. Wanted to get in on Selena Gomez to make sure she was okay ? Was he particularly happy to see his manager and friend is also happy with his growing family ? These questions remain unanswered. But from what we know, Justin Bieber has re-established contact with Selena Gomez !