Justin Bieber : What one knows of his next album until now

The fifth album from Justin Bieber is expected to arrive soon, and here is the information that we have so far on this new album.

If One Less Lonely Girl of Justin Bieber will soon be 10 years, with the last album Purpose of the popstar date five years ago. Yes, five long years that it too has heard of the Canadian, except about his recent marriage with Hailey Baldwin. Well we have good news for you Beliebers, the interpreter of Sorry should indeed release a new opus in 2019 ! It is his manager Scooter Braun has reportedly released information accidentally tweeting ” 2019 is going to be amazing. I can feel it. “ and then answering himself ” jb5 !?!? “ He then erased the message, but his (short) time display has even allowed fans to make screenshots and speculation around the return to music from Justin Bieber in 2019 !

Justin Bieber : Ce qu'on sait de son prochain album jusqu'à présent

So, this will be the fifth studio album of Justin Bieber, and if there is still little information above, last year rumors predicted that this new opus will be inspired by the faith of the artist after that’ll be heavily involved in a large evangelical church. ” Justin has been working on songs that really reflect where he is in his spiritual life “, was unveiled to a source close to the magazine The Sun, ” It has always been religious, but these past two years have brought close to Hillsong church and it changed his entire life. It has a totally different outlook now. “ The paris are launched for the release date of #JB5 !