Juventus of Turin has won a ninth championship away

La Juventus de Turin remporte un neuvième championnat de suite

Photo: Marco Bertorello Agence France-Presse
By beating Sampdoria 2-0 on Sunday, Juventus has added a 36th scudetto to his amazing collection.

Juventus is always Juventus. The coaches go by, but the domination of the club from turin, is still overwhelming and the bianconeri have been world champions Italy on Sunday for the ninth time in a row, the first under the command of Maurizio Sarri.

Three titles with Antonio Conte, five with Massimiliano Allegri and, therefore, one with Sarri. The flow is impressive and beating Sampdoria 2-0 on Sunday, the superpower around the city has added a 36th scudetto to his amazing collection.

Juve wins, and with two days in advance : for a little bit, one would think that this season 2019-2020 has been like all the others, without history.

That’s obviously not the case, because it has been interrupted for more than three months by the coronavirus, because it marked the beginning of a cycle with the arrival of Sarri, a priori, the least Juventus-compatible out of the recent coaches of the club, and because without being ultra-fierce, the competition has been tougher than often.

Before collapse, the Lazio Rome was as well as a point of Juve at the resumption of the championship in late-June and she thought very loudly, as two years ago, the Naples of… Sarri.

The Inter Milan of Antonio Conte is still a project in work and, even if it was fascinating, the Atalanta Bergamo is not built to play the title.

All those Inter in the lead, will have some regrets. Because this Juventus rarely brilliant and unusually shaky in defense ends the season at a pace of near relegation (five points in five games before the success of Sunday). It was perhaps prenable.

“I give a good note to the team because it was the championship the hardest part of the history of Italian football, with huge challenges for all,” argued Sarri Saturday.

Ronaldo more than Sarrismo

The technician tuscan has been at the centre of all the sights this season. How the idol of Naples to the habits — smoking, tracksuit bottoms and flowery language — remote standard, from turin, would she succeed to combine success and the beautiful game ?

There is not really managed, and it has rarely seen the trace of the famous ” Sarrismo “, the collective play and attacking football that had characterized his three seasons in naples.

In the end, the observers agree to say that Juventus has more turned Sarri as the reverse, and that this title is less the brand of the coach than the usual and Cristiano Ronaldo.

At 35 years of age, the Portuguese had not been frightened by the game all three days of the after-COVID-19, and the heat has not affected its performance.

Two days of the end, the five-times Ballon d’or already has 31 goals in Serie A and it has weighed very heavy in the success of this season, even if he no longer has the gloss of his best years.

For the beautiful, now, there are Dybala, another great craftsman offensive title with 11 goals, all more beautiful the ones than the others, and six assists.

One of the great merits of Sarri has also been successful to bring together his two great talents in attack, where Allegri had not found the key.

No doubt ?

At 61 years, Sarri has also been added to the Europa League finish last season, with Chelsea’s first title in the elite Italian. This scudetto comes after a collection of promotions from a lower division to another a little less inferior when it resulted in small clubs in tuscany after his years of banker.

But this has not yet been sufficient to dispel some of the doubts and misconceptions that surround it, as he recalled himself Wednesday.

“I don’t know why I’m still criticized. Without a doubt, I pissed off some. But it doesn’t interest me much, as the opinions of journalists, because I think know more than them in my area, ” he said.

For the rest, Arthur (Barcelona) and Kulusevski (Parma) have already signed and Sarri will look for players more suited to his ideas, such as Jorginho, who was his pillar in Naples and Chelsea.

Because Sarri will be there next season, ” without any doubt “, as was assured on Wednesday, sporting director Fabio Paratici. It is not forbidden to think that the certainty they will wait all the same the match of Champions League against Lyon, but the continuity is actually probable.

And next season, Juve will still be favourites. It will attempt to go and get a 10th title in a row for a decade in black and white.

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