Kaaris : After Booba, it validates him as a rapper, Jul (VIDEO)

On Snapchat, the rapper Kaaris has validated the marseille Jul, to be his enemy Booba had already done before him.

Kaaris has appealed his conviction after the fight at Orly and Booba mocked him on Instagram. October 9, 2018, the tribunal correctionnel de Créteil has sentenced two men to 18 months of prison with suspended sentence and € 50,000 fine, a sanction, visibly too heavy for the rapper from Sevran. In the meantime, the latter takes advantage of his newfound freedom to take care of his daughter, while ensuring the release of his new album Black Gold 3. On Snapchat, he posted a video in which you can hear the sound “Stroller” of the marseille Jul.

Kaaris : Après Booba, il valide lui aussi le rappeur Jul (VIDÉO)

Delighted to be able to go get her child to school at the end of the day, Kaaris celebrated it on the sound of Jul, he seems to rather enjoy. Before him, the duke of Boulogne, had also validated the interpreter of “Tchikita” by taking the pose on Instagram in which the famous sign of Jul. The story does not say which of the two enemies to the people of marseille would prefer, then, that you would dream to one day see a collaboration born with one or the other. In the meantime, Booba is down once again Kaaris on Instagram and decided to quit the internet after that.