Kaaris : Or Noir part 3, he reveals the cover of his next album (PHOTO)

Kaaris : Or Noir partie 3, il dévoile la cover de son prochain album (PHOTO)

The rapper from Sevran has just unveiled the cover of his next album, Black Gold part 3. Discover it now on melty.

In the beginning of the week, Booba and Kaaris discovered the verdict of the justice due to their fighting of this summer to the paris Orly airport. Balance sheet : an 18-month suspended prison sentence and 50,000 euro fine. A sanction that has not prevented Booba throwing a pick towards Kaaris, saying that his rival was going to have trouble paying the fine. On his side, on K2A has obviously more eager to meet the Duke, but instead to focus on his music. The proof below, with the revelation of the cover of his upcoming Black Gold part 3.

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DO THE 3 Jsuis capable of the best and of the worst, but it is in the worst I’m the best ???? #ON3 #QPLB #quepourlesbraves ???? @misterfifou

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Jsuis capable of the best and of the worst, but it is in the worst I am the best #ON3 #QPLB #quepourlesbraves” one can read, in the comment of a photo to black and white, on which the rapper appears shirtless, with sunglasses, a smile. Still a very beautiful cover signed by the inevitable Fifou, the star photographer of French rap. While it is now waiting for a release date, this new album will there be a picnic to Booba, who has just unveiled her single BB ? Answer in the weeks to follow…