Kanye West is a coward on Twitter, and creates the controversy, Kim Kardashian mortified !

Kanye West se lâche sur Twitter et crée la polémique, Kim Kardashian mortifiée !

Kanye West is at the heart of a new controversy after being dropped on Twitter. Kim Kardashian would be mortified by her behavior, it tells you more.

It’s a new time in the heart of a controversy that we find Kanye West ! The american rapper, who gave a speech on pro-Trump finally cut to montage of the last issue, Saturday Night Live, has once again lent his support to the president on Twitter. Always dressed in his cap “Make America Great Again”, Kanye West announced in the caption of its publication wanting to abolish the 13th amendment of the U.s. Constitution, which banned slavery and involuntary servitude in the country. As you can imagine this act of the husband of Kim Kardashian, which would have been terrified at the idea that he does not leave her while she was pregnant with North was reacting to more than one person, including celebrities.

Kanye West se lâche sur Twitter et crée la polémique, Kim Kardashian mortifiée !

It is first of all, Lana Del Rey, who had sung at his wedding with Kim, who has criticized the rapper in the comments of its publication Instagram : “Trump who becomes our president is the biggest loss for our country but the support you give him is a loss for our culture.” he wrote it to begin with before saying that it has the same problems of narcissism as extreme as Donald Trump. “If you think that it is good to support a person who thinks that it is OK to grab a woman just because he is famous then you have just as much in need of an intervention.” she added.

Chris Evans was also required to leave a message to Kanye commenting on everything especially the fact that he wants to abolish the thirteenth amendment : “there is nothing more annoying and infuriating than to debate with someone with no historical knowledge, who does not read books, and who presents his myopia as a virtue… It is absolutely terrifying.” explains Captain America. And while Kanye West rocked the Canvas with this story, it would seem that it should also make tremble the walls of his home. A source close to Kim Kardashian confided to HollywoodLife about the state of the wife of the rapper.

According to the american media, Kim would be totally mortified by what Kanye has been saying on television and on Twitter. The source explains : “Kim loves Kanye with all her heart. His passion and creativity are two things she loves most in him, but sometimes she can’t help but be outraged by his behavior. When Kanye made his speech, pro-Trump yesterday during the show, Kim was not surprised but she was completely mortified.” If, for the moment, the main question has not responded officially, you can well imagine how it must feel now that the love of his life to be the laughing stock of the web. In the rest of the news of the clan, Khloé Kardashian would be convinced that Tristan Thompson is incapable of saying no to a woman.