Kanye West refuses to sing at Coachella 2019 : The reason finally unveiled !

Many are those who still wondered why Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, and Tame Impala are the headliners of Coachella 2019 and not Kanye West. We have investigated and know why the rapper has refused to perform in it !

Wait, what ? If you said a little earlier in the day if Normani of Fifth Harmony is rather a Beyonc? Knowles or Kelly Rowland, another american artist has been much talk of him this week. It is, of course, Kanye West ! When we have unveiled the programme of festivities, on 4 January last, many of you have to want to know why Kanye West had finally refused to produce during the festival. Well we have the answer ! At the moment the co-founder of the event, Paul Tollett, was on the point of proclaiming it in the programming, Kanye West reportedly said that he wished to happen with a dome, a giant (!) in the middle of the festival grounds instead of the main stage, according to Billboard.

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His collaborator, John McGuire was already tipped to take care of the configuration, but adding a dome would have forced the organizers to move — or even to completely remove it — a good portion of the sanitary facilities provided for the festival. When it was announced to Kanye West that it was impossible to rearrange the terrain of the festival to welcome its famous dome, in four months, he would have then said to be “an artist with a creative vision that it should not spend its time talking about toilets”. It would have then hung up to the nose of the officers of the parent company of Coachella, Goldenvoice.

The microphone of the Los Angeles Times, Paul Tollett did not hesitate to give a layer : “He has excellent ideas [of production], but we just haven’t been able to achieve for the moment. I would like to get back in touch with him and find a plan for the future. To do with what is in his head. It is very able to propose ideas that work pretty well. Until the 1st of January, we were doing a poster with Kanye on it.” You will thus have understood it, if Ariana Grande has become in the wake of the youngest artist to be headlining Coachella, it is ultimately because of a simple history of the toilet ! In the rest of the music news here’s why Taylor Swift and her album reputation have not been snob?s Grammy 2019, and this in spite of a single appointment.