Kate Middleton : Her brother James happy when the princess Charlotte was born, his cute reaction (PHOTO)

When the princess Charlotte was born, the brother of Kate Middleton was to the angels. The evidence with his cute reaction !

Only 3 years old, the princess Charlotte is already the star of the clan Windsor. If his outfits are snapped up like hotcakes, each of its appearances in media the buzz on social networks. And for good reason, the girl has already understood all of the codes of the british monarchy. Witness her adorable bows to the crowd when she is in public. Always smiling, the big sister of prince George, who has made his back-to-school the Willcocks Nursery School on the 8th January last, enjoyed a great popularity in the world. Obviously, the princess Charlotte is absolutely lovely and has been since its birth !

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A little pink champagne to celebrate!

A publication shared by James Middleton (@jmidy) May 2, 2015 at 11 :33 am PDT

May 2, 2015 is a date engraved in the collective memory of the British, since this is the day that the princess Charlotte was born. An event of the size that has not failed to excite the fans around the world. And move close to Kate Middleton. Starting with his brother James, who did not fail to make a nod to the birth of her niece on Instagram. A little bit of pink champagne to celebrate,” he simply wrote in the caption of a photograph to which he smiled. No doubt, the uncle was thrilled at the idea to enlarge the family. Cute ! In the rest of the news, check out the photo of the kiss that confirms the couple, Kristen Stewart and Sara Dinkin.