Kate Middleton made fun of prince William, it balance the bad habit of her husband !

When the prince William teases Kate Middleton on her style of dress, she did not hesitate to swing one of his bad habits.

If it is necessary to admit that Meghan Markle and prince Harry are very tactile and accomplices, Kate Middleton and prince William are no exception. Then they visited the military base of the Royal Air Force (RAF) Akrotiri in Cyprus on Wednesday 5 December, to meet with soldiers and their families, the duke and duchess of Cambridge were gently teased each other. Indeed, during a group photo, prince William did not hesitate to mock gently the blazer khaki Kate Middleton. “My wife is confused with the tree,” he said, implying that the conduct of his companion, was the perfect complement to the Christmas tree. A little quip that has made laugh the main question.

During this same visit, Kate Middleton has revealed one of the bad habits of the prince William. Mood always as a teaser, the duke of Cambridge has launched the soldiers, on the tone of the joke : “above all, avoid the pizza on the couches !” A note that is not dark in the ear of a deaf person. And for good reason, the duchess of Cambridge has quickly responded : “you’re a nightmare with this.” Yes, the heir of the british crown is visibly as the man in the world. In the rest of the news, note that Meghan Markle has recently unveiled her cute round belly of a pregnant woman during a tribute evening with Pippa Middleton and prince Harry.