Kate Middleton pays tribute to Lady Diana, the most beautiful way possible (PHOTOS)

It is at an event at Buckingham Palace that Kate Middleton made tribute to Princess Diana.

While prince William was recently told about the public appearances of his children, Charlotte and George, their mother comes to pay tribute to Lady Diana. It was during a party given at Buckingham Palace that the duchess of Cambridge has made this gesture. Wearing a very beautiful dress sky blue, Kate Middleton has also had the delicacy to wear the turban of the deceased mother of her husband, as you can see on these photos published by the media british The Sun. This is not the first time that the duchess wears this jewel of head is called Lover’s Knot Tiara.

According to the contributor royal, of the media, ABC News, Victoria Murphy, the event is one of the most chic of the year : “Nobody can make a better dress for this event and it is to this that Kate was wearing a long dress. She was also wearing a tiara, her favorite, Lover’s Knot tiara.” Kate Middleton will soon be reunited with Meghan Markle for the Christmas holidays in order to silence the rumors. Yes, for those who have not followed this story : Kate would have slapped the actress during a violent quarrel which would have pushed prince Harry to want to move ! Board of friend, stay well connected on melty to learn more about the tragedy of our royal family favorite.