Kate Middleton snob me by queen Elizabeth II ? She has long denied her marriage with prince William !

If today Kate Middleton and queen Elizabeth II have good relations, during a time that was not the case ! Find out why.

How is the atmosphere within the royal family at this time ? You know, many rumors have it that the atmosphere would not be more happy between the prince William and Kate Middleton, and prince Harry, and Meghan Markle of the other. If, of course, Kensington Palace was quick to deny the rumors, we don’t know what it really is, especially as, according to a new article, queen Elizabeth II thinks Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle could ruin the Christmas royal. But again, impossible to verify these rumors ! What we do know, however, is that the monarch has not always had cordial relations and easy with the duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton snob?e par la reine Elizabeth II ? Elle a longtemps refus? son mariage avec le prince William !

In fact, as reported by the Daily Express, if the queen Elizabeth II willingly accepts to grant preferential treatment to Meghan Markle, she has not accepted Kate Middleton with as much enthusiasm when the latter integrated the royal family ! In fact, when prince William has informed His Majesty that he plans to ask Kate to marry, the queen has stated that she preferred that the young woman has “a job and an identity before their engagement not be announced”. This did not have to give pleasure to the duchess of Cambridge, who it seems was not enough worker to the taste of the monarch, and waited. Fortunately it seems that the situation between them has greatly improved with time !