Kendall Jenner finally ready to ask for Kylie Cosmetics ? Find out why this collaboration was not possible before !

Kendall and Kylie Jenner may soon collaborate for a new collection of Kylie Cosmetics ! But why were they not exploited this vein before ?

After the revelation of the kiss between Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner has decided to cease his collaboration with the one which has very long been her BFF for Kylie Cosmetics ! If a reconciliation between the two young women is possible, according to recent revelations, it would appear that in business, it is not intended to immediately. But fortunately Kylie Jenner can count on her sister Kendall to launch a new collection for her make-up brand to success ! You thought Kendall and Kylie Jenner were at war for years and jalousaient the career of the other ? Well it would seem that this is really not the case.

Kendall Jenner enfin prête à poser pour Kylie Cosmetics ? Découvrez pourquoi cette collaboration était impossible avant !

In fact, the fans of the clan Kardashian/Jenner have surely wondered why Kylie Jenner had never invited her sister Kendall for a collaboration, knowing that she has created collections with Kourtney, Khloe and Kim. It is found that there was a good reason for it ! As reported by It, Kendall Jenner has long been under contract with the brand Estée Lauder, and an exclusivity clause did not allow her to represent another cosmetic company. But it seems that this is possible soon, and that we may soon see the arrival of the collection of the two young women ! It is in any case what was suggested by the mother of Stormi : “This is the only reason I don’t cooperate with it. But… we work on it to fix it.” One thing is for sure, if Kendall Jenner is separated from Ben Simmons post new pictures, she can always count on his soeurette !