Kendrick Lamar and Anderson .Paak duet on Tints, 3 good reasons to bleed this nugget produced by Dr Dre

Kendrick Lamar et Anderson .Paak en duo sur Tints, 3 bonnes raisons de saigner cette pépite produite par Dr Dre

While Anderson .Paak and Kendrick Lamar come to unveil the piece Tints, check out 3 good reasons to listen to it.

“We are not all born under the same star” rappait IAM in 1997. 21 years later, even in a different context, the phrase is still relevant : on the one hand, there are thousands of people who try their luck in the music without ever drilling ; on the other, there are those such as Anderson .Paak that, in just 1 album, manage to convince Dr. Dre to take him under his wing, and then to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar, the man who réscuscite Michael Jackson for a song in his latest EP. When on top of that, he gets to combine the two on the same piece and it is great, you can say that definitively, no, we are not born under the same star. Discover right now 3 good reasons to bleed them as “Tints”.

However, before you get into the good graces of the king of the rappers that is Dr Dre and his legal heir that is Kendrick Lamar (who is currently 45th on the Billboard Hot 200 with DAMN.), Anderson .Paak has cravaché. And not a little : as before you explode in the face of the world on the album Compton Dre in 2015 .Paak (its name at that time) galley severe side finance, to the point of live for a few months as a HOMELESS with his wife and son. Fortunately, his talents as a drummer allows him to go up the slope little by little, before you reach the heights that we know today. His gift for the drums, he explains the incredible musicality of a song like “Tints” ? No doubt about it.

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Big shout out to @drdre for coaching me through this whole process. Forever grateful for everything you’ve done for me ???? #OXNARD @beats1official

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Because yes, despite the undeniable contribution of Dre and Kendrick, “Tints” is before all a piece of Anderson .Paak. And succeed not to be eaten by the two heavy weights of the rap is a small feat to acknowledge. But on the other hand, without the work of Dr. on the prod and the verse of Kendrick (which could be compete by Lady Gaga at the Grammy 2019), the title would undoubtedly not have been as successful. The 3 artists have found a balance that allows everyone to show their talent, without overwriting the other, which has certainly not been an easy task, but they have succeeded brilliantly.

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11.16.18 #Oxnard

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Finally, if this title appears to be as fresh to our ears, it is without doubt that he breaks radically with what is done in rap US : at a time when all rappers in the most popular rap texts melancholy – borderline depressive – on instrumentals trap dark (the image of a Post Malone, for example, that squatting the 4th place in the Billboard Hot 200 this week), “Tints” , and its beat hyper funky are good for the moral. While it was just announce yesterday that his album Oxnard would be out on the 11th of November, it was now more than eager to be in a month…

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