Kévin Guedj again as a couple, with Carla Moreau ? He made the revelations

Kévin Guedj de nouveau en couple avec Carla Moreau ? Il fait des révélations

This is the crazy rumor that ignites the canvas for a few weeks, Carla Moreau would surrender in a relationship with Kévin Guedj. It has also just sow further doubt…

When you thought they were permanently separated, Kévin Guedj would be still in love with Carla Moreau, and this index posted by Magali Berdah has sown the seed of doubt. In effect the two former have been spotted traveling together in Italy and they seem to be every day closer and closer. Then they decided to give a second chance to their couple ? For the moment none of the two involved do not seem to be willing to formalize the thing, but they continue to post disturbing evidence to indicate that on the social networks. Today when he answered questions from users on Instagram, Kévin Guedj has posted a sentence really strange.

Kévin Guedj de nouveau en couple avec Carla Moreau ? Il fait des révélations

In fact, one of them was asking him,”love always triumphs, no ?” He then said : “this is what we said no ?” So is this mean they are back together ? Nothing is less sure, but acknowledge that the answer is disturbing, given the rumors at this time. Anyway, Julien Bert is at war with Carla Moreau, and he has a cape on Instagram. The candidate of the Rest of the World does not really seem ready to forgive him this reversal of the situation. Stay connected for the meltynautes as we are going to continue to investigate to shed light on this matter…