Kevin Guedj and Julien Bert (LMvsMonde3) come to the hands, Coralie Porrovecchio lesbian ? The little tv on the weekend

This weekend has had its share of exclusive info in the small world of the tv. Let’s go all of that together.

This weekend, the former agent of Coralie Porrovecchio has made some big revelations about the candidate of reality tv. In fact, according to him, the candidate of Marseille vs the rest of the World (3) would be attracted to women, and she would hate his fans. Charges to which the principal is interested, has not even bothered to reply for the moment. In The Holiday Angels 3, Tressia has been transferred after a job failed, and if the reason is completely unlikely, internet users have quickly cried out to the scandal to support the candidate. On his side, Shanna Kress appeared very angry about the social networks, after having lived a large galley in New York.

Kevin Guedj et Julien Bert (LMvsMonde3) en viennent aux mains, Coralie Porrovecchio lesbienne ? Le récap télé du week-end

In the eternal love triangle between Carla Moreau, Julien Bert and Kévin Guedj, things seem to move a little, because this weekend, Kévin Guedj has made some big revelations about the altercation he had with his rival shooting on the Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3. A fight that would not have fortunately not ended in a shouting match, but that could quickly escalate. Today, tensions between the two boys have not really eased, since if Kévin Guedj seems to be be handed in with Carla, Julien Bert continues to tackle her ex on the social networks. For its part, Julia decided to stop in Marseille after his bad experience on W9, and she took the opportunity to swing on Jessica Thivenin.

Kevin Guedj et Julien Bert (LMvsMonde3) en viennent aux mains, Coralie Porrovecchio lesbienne ? Le récap télé du week-end

Friday, your favourite programs have been rich in twists and turns, as in The Queens of Shopping, a influenceuse found herself short of budget for the theme “Original” with a pull”, which earned him a penalty immediately from Cristina Cordula. In Dancing with the stars 8, Carla Ginola has entrusted its disposal, but also about his projects and his love for Rayane et Denitsa. An interview back in the ruled out on melty. Finally, in 10 couples perfect 2, Noée and Nicolas has declared war after their evening spent together, and Tony had to make a choice.