Kevin Guedj (LMEA) in the full galley to the airport, he pushes a rant (VIDEO)

Stuck at the airport for a history of suitcases, Kevin Guedj has not hesitated to push a big rant against the staff of an airline company.

When he came home from his stay in Tunisia, Kevin Guedj has had a bad surprise that he should remember for a long time. In fact, in full controls to mount in the aircraft, the candidate of reality tv has had to face the staff rather unpleasant, as the confided, a few hours ago on his account Snapchat : “They told us that there was a surcharge to pay. So we said OK, but yesterday we took the plane, and we did not pay. I just said that. And there, she told me, “it is not because you do reality tv you’re not going to pay”. There’s no report, I just told him that yesterday had not been paid”. A pain that occurs even while Carla Moreau would be pregnant with Kevin Guedj.

Kevin Guedj (LMEA) en pleine gal?re ? l'a?roport, il pousse un coup de gueule (VID?O)

A big misadventure that should push the candidate to reality tv has to be particularly vigilant on the size of his luggage the next time he takes the plane. Very rebounded against the air hostess in question, Kevin Guedj has not hesitated to tackle in the open airport : “people like that, on my life, it is a donkey”. Fortunately, it is far from this another big mishap that happened to Aur?lie Dotremont and Hillary at the airport just before the filming of Angels 11. In fact, the two candidates have been blocked for several hours on the spot, because the american police suspected them of being escort-girls, the young women have not failed to comment on the social networks.