Key Not at My Post : Matthew Delormeau and Ayem is clashent violently in the full issue

Nothing goes between Ayem and Matthew Delormeau… It explains everything in the smallest detail !

In the replay of the Friday, September 28, Key Not at My Post Ayem has pushed a rant and has settled its accounts with the reporters… You’ll understand, the atmosphere was a little tense on the set of C8 ! But that’s not all… Matthew Delormeau added a little bit and it was the last straw for the former presenter of the Mad Mag NRJ12… Noting that the young woman is déplacait always with his body guards, Ayem replied quite violently, saying that it was not the job of the facilitator ! Ooch…

A publication shared by Matthew Delormeau (@mdelormeau) on 19 Sept. 2018 12 :04 PDT

We may say, Ayem did not hesitate to meet without the language of wood : “what is the problem that I come up with 12 or 25 people ? Already, you’re making a big mistake, because as a moderator you should stay neutral, I say to you ! You miss your job here ! (…) I have been the victim of threats, burglary, the concerns of which you have no knowledge, therefore I have the right to ensure my safety !” For a change of atmosphere, here is the recap tv of the week with Nabilla injured by Cyril Hanouna and Thomas The Love is in the pre-2018, which is shown very angry at one of her suitors !