Khlo? Kardashian and Kylie Jenner often confused, the mom of True love it !

While Khlo? Kardashian has unveiled her new color to the internet users, its resemblance with Kylie Jenner has surprised his followers !

A air family ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, since the pretty blonde gave birth to her first child, she never seemed happy, and she took advantage of his happiness to share surprising photographs with its followers. While the beginning of’ melty you proposed to discover the amount of the fortune of Khlo? Kardashian, a new photo has greatly surprised users, who have found a air of resemblance with Kylie Jenner. And according to the information on the site Hollywood Life, the mother of True would be thrilled : “All these people who say it looks a lot like his little sister gives him a fantastic feeling. For once, the comments have lit up his day.”

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A publication shared by Khlo? (@khloekardashian) on 9 Jan. 2019 at 9 :30 PST

The source goes on to confident : “Kylie is gorgeous and she has thirteen years younger than Khlo?. She loves to hear that she looks like him, who wouldn’t love that ? She appreciates the look younger, it is also the case for Kourtney and Kim. They are all obsessed by the fact of appearing young and beautiful. And they often feel they need to be at the height of Kendall and Kylie. So, it is always an honor to be compared to them. Khlo? has worked so hard to be in his best shape so this kind of compliment is always welcome.” This proves that all is well between the two sisters. Meanwhile, Khlo? Kardashian would be convinced that a second baby will save her relationship with Tristan Thompson.