Khloé, Kim or Kourtney : What sister Kardashian you like the most in love ?

Khloé, Kim ou Kourtney : Quelle soeur Kardashian te ressemble le plus en amour ?

Published 30 minutes ago, Published on 16 march, 2019 20:00:04Ecrit by Caroline R.

Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian : three sisters, three personalities are very different, especially when it comes to love ! But which one resembles you the most in your stories of heart ?

1. The person that you are applying secretly for months and you propose a date. Your reaction ?

  • has

    You’re enthusiastic, but you wait to see how things are going to happen

  • b

    You’re ecstatic, can you imagine already your appointment, your wedding and the names of your 3 children

  • c

    You think about the outfit you’ll wear to seduce and impress your proi… your loved one’s