Killing Eve : The release date of season 2 revealed !

Killing Eve has been one of the excellent surprises of the year 2018 next series, and it also knows when the sequel will be released.

Even if it is not a very long time that the first season of the Killing of Eve was completed, the impatience to discover the rest is already being felt. And a date is finally dropped : this is the 7 April that the season 2 of Killing Eve will begin on BBC America. Thus there are still a few months to wait and wonder what turning the adventures of Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) will take. The first season ended on a cliffhanger, with a Villanelle injured and an Eve more confused than ever about her feelings toward the killer.

Killing Eve : La date de diffusion de la saison 2 dévoilée !

Villanelle in a poor state

Season 2 of Killing Eve should resume immediately after the events of the season finale and after the synopsis, the voltage will always be at the heart of the new episodes. After his violent actions, Eve has no idea where the Villanelle has run away or if she is still alive. Still, she must quickly find her before someone else does. Difficult to think the two women will not be back in season 2. How Villanelle react to it after the betrayal of Eve ? And will they one day to spend in addition to their moral well each to explore the strange feelings that bind them ?