Kim Kardashian desperate to be friends with Meghan Markle : The rumor of the week !

Kim Kardashian is closer to the English royal family by becoming friends with Meghan Markle ! This is the rumor of the week

Kim Kardashian likes to set challenges ! If she was able to make his own tribe, the family, the most famous of America, she does not stop there. The star of reality tv knows that to stay at the top of the top, dating to count a lot. The young woman is closer then the stars of the moment but also families just as famous as his own. The wife of Kanye West would therefore have to set his sights on the royal family of England. Kim Kardashian was already dreaming of attending the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle but it does not seem to have received invitation. However, the star did admit not defeated and does not lower the arm. She would always be in the lead to get closer to the british royal family. To this, Kim Kardashian would be just ready to do anything to become friends with Meghan Markle ! It is, in any case, the rumor of the week !

When Kim Kardashian had an idea in mind, she did everything for that to happen ! As well, she would have found a way to get closer to Meghan Markle. The star of reality tv would have expected a gift out of the ordinary for the baby of the Duchess of Sussex. “It will provide him with the gift, the most incredible thing possible for her baby in order to finally become friends with Meghan. She has already said that money was not a problem and it wants to send a gift that will come out really a lot compared to the hundred or so present that Meghan and Harry will receive when the baby arrives next year. Kim is convinced that they will be best friends one day or the other. It is his project to the long-term and it takes all of the opportunities that present themselves to it for beginning to build a link. She wants to remind him that Kanye and she are people caring for people.”, said a source to the magazine Heat. Kim Kardashian, who revealed how Kris Jenner has helped her to stop the drug, would therefore be expected. But if we believe Gossip Cop, this is wrong ! Therefore, it is not tomorrow that we will see the star travel to Buckingham Palace…