Kim Kardashian upset at the idea of leaving Los Angeles with Kanye West ? It would not have been warned !

Kim Kardashian contrariée à l'idée de quitter Los Angeles avec Kanye West ? Il ne l'aurait pas prévenu !

While Kanye West recently announced that he intended to settle in Chicago, Kim Kardashian would be very upset !

A disagreement of size ? Well, yes, the meltynautes, if we thought that the star of the reality tv the most popular of the United States was perfectly happy with the idea of juggling between Los Angeles and Chicago, it seems that this is not as simple as that. As well, Kanye West recently announced that he was leaving permanently to Los Angeles, never to return. A new that the pretty brunette has learned at the same time as the fans according to the information of the magazine The Sun : “the Whole life of Kim is based in THE. That this is his family, his offices, his coach, his stylists or even his team. 25 people should move with it !”

The source goes on to confident : “She loves the fact that her children can grow up with their cousins nearby, and it is important for it to be able to see his mother and sisters every day. She has never lived elsewhere than in this city ! And she is very upset because Kanye is allowed to announce it publicly, and yet they had never talked about before. She told him that he was out of the question. Especially as they have spent millions to renovate their home and it’s exhausting to imagine to move again. It will not install there.” Pending more info, which profile fits you the most between Kim or Kourtney Kardashian.