Kim Kardashian victim of a leak, Meghan Markle slapped in the face by Kate Middleton, Prince Harry unhappy : The little people of the weekend !

Kim Kardashian victime d'un leak, Meghan Markle giflée par Kate Middleton, Prince Harry malheureux :  Le récap' people du week-end !

You missed the news this weekend ? No problem ! Here are without having to wait the 5 info landmark this Saturday and Sunday.

These last two days have once again been very hectic for our friends the stars. To start with Kim Kardashian who has been a victim of a new leak of an intimate video on the web. But the influenceuse is not the only one to have made the news this weekend. Prince Harry, Meghan Markle , and Kate Middleton were also at the heart of the actu. It would seem that the tensions within the Kensington palace are always as vivid. Finally, if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have officially reached an agreement for custody of their six children, Jaden Smith was posted in delightful company in Paris. While plenty of news to discover now !

Kim Kardashian victim of a new leak

Poor Kim Kardashian ! More than 10 years after the leak of her sextape with Ray J, a new intimate video of celebrities has been leaked on the social networks. In the latter, obtained by Radar Online, the young woman smokes marijuana in a pipe in the shape of a penis, placed between the legs of the rapper. A private moment in which Kanye West was ignoring apparently the existence. According to Hollywood Life, this would have put out of him. “Kanye is furious after the leak of this new video with Kim and Ray J. He raises a lot of questions but it is practically certain that it was Ray J who did it and wants to know why. But if this is not him, he wants to discover the identity of the person responsible. Kim is upset, and Kanye is pissed. He sees it as a lack of respect against her,” tells the source to the media. Atmosphere very tense.

Prince Harry more miserable than ever ?

If we are to believe the revelations from a source to the magazine People, prince Harry who would have chosen a couple ultra famous as the sponsors of her future child, would be in a hurry to move officially to Kensington Palace. And for cause, the duke of Sussex does épanouirait more. “Prince Harry feels truly trapped in the palace of Kensington, and it does not stop to tell his friends that he was desperately eager to get out. But the pregnancy of Meghan allows the couple to proceed to a welcome change in view of the arrival of their baby,” reveals an informant to the media. A decision which, it is hoped, will do him the most good.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally found an agreement

Good news ! After two years of a legal struggle fierce, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally found a common agreement. The two celebrities have recently made a further application to the judge in order to have more time to be on the same wave length before the judgment, and it has been accepted. The next hearing will therefore take place on 31 December. If we don’t know the details of their arrangement, one is pleased to see that things are progressing finally between the two ex-lovebirds.

Kate Middleton would have slapped Meghan Markle

Nothing goes between Meghan Markle that would have driven her assistant, toward the exit, and Kate Middleton ! According to recent rumors, the duchess of Cambridge would have slapped the old hollywood actress after the latter had spoken to a member of his staff. “It is unacceptable, it is my staff ! It is up to me to talk to them,” would have launched the companion of prince William to his new sister-in-law. An altercation heated which would have occurred before the royal wedding last may. A startling revelation that Buckingham Palace was quick to deny : “This never happened.”

Jaden Smith has a (possible) new girlfriend !

Love is in the air ! Currently in Paris, Jaden Smith has been photographed very close to a mysterious brunette. According to the info in the Metro UK, the two young people spent a romantic evening together. After having dined at the restaurant on the Avenue, they are gone for a stroll in the streets of the city. Evidenced by the shots to discover here, HERE and HERE. In true gentleman, Jaden Smith has even offered a rose to the young woman, before returning to his hotel with her. While it was thought by a couple, with the rapper Tyler, The Creator but also the actress Odessa Adlon, it would seem that the son of Will Smith has found a shoe to his foot with this charming girl. Case to follow.