Kit Harington denies being unfaithful, Meghan and Harry move, Khloé Kardashian pushes a rant : The little people of the weekend !

Kit Harington dément être infidèle, Meghan et Harry déménagent, Khloé Kardashian pousse un coup de gueule : Le récap' people du week-end !

It is off for a ride ! Here’s what happened this weekend on the side of our friends the celebrities.

These last two days have once again been very hectic for the stars ! Starting with the clan Kardashian-Jenner, who has not failed to talk the internet users. Between Khloé Kardashian , who has pushed a rant, Kourtney Kardashian , who has denied yet another rumour about her, and Kylie Jenner , who has unveiled adorable unseen photos of his family, the weekend has been hectic. Elsewhere, Meghan Markle and prince Harry have taken a great decision for their future, while Kit Harington has been forced to explain on the charges of infidelity against him. Lots of news to find wait no more in our recap’ !

Meghan Markle and prince Harry, will move officially !

It is now official ! Meghan Markle who would be close to prince Charles with Lady Diana, and prince Harry leaving the palace of Kensington to and from Kate Middleton and prince William. The duke and duchess of Sussex have decided to settle in Frogmore Cottage, on the grounds of Windsor before the birth of their first child next spring. A sublime remains composed of ten rooms, a yoga studio and a gym. A symbolic place for the couple since it is the place where the photos of their engagement have been taken.

Kit Harington denies the rumors of infidelity

You have not been able to move on to the next ! This weekend, a Russian model named Olga Vlaslova has accused Kit Harington cheating on his wife Rose Leslie, before and after their marriage. The young woman revealed that they would be met in Luxembourg and that their relationship is extra-marital would have lasted a month. But that’s not all ! The top-model has also unveiled photos of a man with dark naked in a bed, who strongly resembles the actor. Decided to restore the truth, the hero of Game of Thrones has quickly responded to the accusations through his agent. “The allegations revealed in this story are completely false. It has never been Luxembourg, and has never met Olga Vlaslova” explained the representative of the actor to E! News.

Khloé Kardashian pushes a rant

These last two, Khloé Kardashian has strongly been criticized for having spent Thanksgiving in Cleveland with Tristan Thompson instead of with his family to Los Angeles. Not having his tongue in his pocket, the young woman quickly pushed a rant on Twitter to put the record straight time to its critics. “I have spent the last three years in Cleveland for Thanksgiving. I don’t really understand why people are trying to create conflict between me and my sisters. Everything is going perfectly well between us, thank you ! All their families have been able to travel to Los Angeles, but since Tristan is in a full season of basketball, it was not able to. The truth will never be as funny as the one that some of you are trying to peddle so here. Happy Thanksgiving, I guess lol.” That’s clear !

Kylie Jenner unveils new photos of Stormi

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It remains in the theme of Thanksgiving ! Yes, to celebrate this feast as it should be, Kylie Jenner who desperately wants to have more children with Travis Scott, has not hesitated to spoil her fans with new photos of her family posted on Instagram. The influenceuse has shared adorable pictures in black and white on which one rediscovers the beautiful boil of her daughter Stormi. We love !

Kourtney Kardashian confirms that it will not be pregnant

Definitely, the clan, the most publicized of Calabasas continues to be talked about. This weekend, Kourtney Kardashian has denied a rumor that short about it. While a user was asking if she was pregnant, the young woman simply replied in the negative. But the mother of Mason, Penelope and Reign has also shown humor and allusions that she had no “baby bump”, just eating well during the meal of Thanskgiving.