Kit Harington doesn’t want to go back to playing Jon snow

Кит Харингтон не хочет возвращаться к роли Джона Сноу

Actor kit Harington said that I would never agree to play the role of John snow.

Kit Harington recently in an emotional interview has promised that he will never return to “Game of thrones”, if the writers and Directors to decide on the ninth season. Recall that the British actor played the role of Jon snow in the hit fiction drama since 2011 and just recently this year played their final scenes in the last season of the show, which is scheduled for 2019.

Harington “Game of thrones” devoted seven years of his life. However, he absolutely does not regret the end of the series. Keith said he wanted to continue his career and vowed never to return to the role of Jon snow, which his associate, writes Vistanews.